Information Management Systems Association

Hello Gators! Unfortunately, events for iMSA have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Please check back for further updates.

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Mission Statement

iMSA is a student organization at San Francisco State University that is a part of the College of Business and thus aims to serve students majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems but also welcomes students from all majors to join our organization. Information Management Systems Association (iMSA) at SF State is committed to the professional growth of our members as well as expanding their knowledge and skills in Information Systems and other associated software. iMSA does this by providing an environment conducive to process learning which includes guest speakers, technical workshops, company tours, and providing networking opportunities for all of our members.

Our Values


To provide our members with tutorship and networking opportunities that are offered by professionals in the tech industry. iMSA strives to create events that provide our members with these benefits. iMSA officers work with the mindset of creating a stronger iMSA for future members and officers to develop into their own.


For our officers, iMSA is a professional and learning setting. iMSA provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills and take on responsibilities in a professional setting. It is an opportunity for officers to thrive and gain recommendations as well as learn where they need to improve without long-term career consequences.


iMSA and San Francisco State University are dignified houses that cultivate future contributors of positivity to society. This is our organization’s greatest value and we must never let that be compromised. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner since we represent our sponsoring entities; San Francisco State University, our members, and ourselves.